Easy Photo Books

Started way back in 2005, as an off-shoot of Leach Printers & Signs when the owner Bev received a Photo Book from a friend in Switzerland and absolutely loved the idea.

By 2007 we had sourced the software that would be compatible with our systems. We now provide a country-wide service for clients all over South Africa and parts of Southern Africa.

Easy Photo Books was initially run by Hazel Collett who then trained staff members to run the operation. She left the business for 10 years in which time she married Greg and had 3 children. We are very happy to welcome her back with us and once again she is hands-on with the launch of our new online software for Easy Photo Books.

Leach Printers & Signs

This was started by Charles and Bev Leach in September 1984 with 5 staff members. We now have 33 staff members, many of whom have been with us since the early days. Greg Leach joined the operation in 1998 and completed his MBL degree through UNISA in 2007. Andrew Leach joined in 2012 completing the family membership.

We believe implicitly in long-term relationships with our clients, staff and suppliers – a policy that has provide itself over the 35 years of our existence.

BBEEE - We are a Level 4 contributor.